December 20, 2020

Christmas Drama Presentation 2020

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What is the meaning of Christmas? South Gate's kids tell us about the first story in this holiday produced by our South Gate Drama team.


Credits: Writing & Directing: Marcia Welser

Editing: Liz Alvarado

Narrators: Hannah and Kayla

Mary: Stephanie

Joseph: David

Innkeeper: Naomi

Angels: Caeli, Naisha, and Nyah

Shepherds: Serena, Karen and Joshua

Women: Hannah and Kayla

Wise men: Liam and Laden

Props & Costume Design: Judah Murray

Camera Operator: Justice Backstrom

Music Director: Bekah Welser

Post-Production: Jonathan Alvarado

Animal Handler: Anneliesa Mouton


All music used royalty free from public domain, Creative Commons non-attribution licenses, or the YouTube Audio Library.